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Since I was very, very good last night, or uh, this morning, and posted TWO reviews, I feel like I've earned a non-review day today. Although, I'm jonesing a bit for WATCHERS, so I may end up getting the next one out anyway.

Wait, what was my point again? Oh, right! I'm doing a short little link post thing... so anyway, I've mentioned before one of the sites I'm regularly keeping track of - StephenT a.k.a. STORMWREATH, here on LJ.

Storm does a lot of cool things revolving around the Buffyverse, including his own reviews and discussions of the Season 8 comic book. I've included a recommendation for him at least once before, here. So, anyway, his latest is a very exhaustive discussion of magic in the Buffyverse - not a metadiscussion, but how magic works from within the universe.

Now, the problem with trying to come up with some sort of fast and hard rules regarding magic in any setting, really, is that it tends to be one of those things that works or not because the plot says so. If it's near the end of the episode, a chant will do - if it is some sort of traumatizing magic, a big production will be made out of it and if it's a spell to banish a bad guy, then it's likely to be some potion or ingredient dependent magic so that it will take some effort in order to cast it, and thereby put our good guys in danger just as they're ready to proceed.

But, I'd admire Stormwreath's attempt to impose some sort of logic on Buffyverse magic, anyway which is why I'm delving into it and why I want to recommend it. Plus, I'm not just recommending this particular post, I'm hoping you'll use this chance to check out more of his meta-discussions, reviews, and insights..., c'mon over and join me.

Of course, one problem with this approach is that the writers weren't always entirely consistent in how they depicted magic. Indeed, Jane Espenson has related how, when she first became a writer on the show, she did her best to research real-world mythology and magical practices... until one of the more experienced writers took her aside and told her not to bother, because as long as it sounded plausible and made dramatic sense, technical accuracy wasn't so important. Nevertheless, it does seem that certain rules and principles can be distinguished."
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