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Spanderverse Archive

I've started a new community for the Spanderverse series of stories. I'm surprised the name wasn't already taken. These are my fanfiction that is currently over on Fanfiction.net, but with some cleaning up. Since my early stories were my first, I noticed I had a profound fear of pronouns, as if the reader couldn't intuit who was the current POV.

The community is: spanderverse

Funny how that worked. Anyway, it takes place immediately (and I do mean immediately... the first story concerns Riley returning to the Initiative) after BTVS: Restless.

As the name implies, it concerns Xander/Spike coupledom and re-writes S-5 of BTVS to accomplish this. I've received some positive feedback from my later stories, especially in not bashing characters.

Hopefully some LJ folks will read and post comments? Maybe?
Tags: btvs, spanderverse

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