harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

*Groan* and Spanderverse Posting

The ferry was shut down, unexpectedly, again due to ice (we have a wind storm coming in from the north) but this time, I'm on the wrong side (third time this has happened in two months). At this rate, I'll have no vacation time left very, very soon - I think I've one day left... crap.

But, since I'm stuck here anyway, I've posted another chapter in the slightly rambling Coming of the Scooby Army - Spike follows our vampire hunters back to their temporary HQ and discovers a third in their party....

Willow continues her questionable behavior toward magic and its use that has started since the fight with Glory....

And, later, Spike starts on a conniving plan to maneuver Xander back into his bed....

Finally, Jon comes to a decision to act like an adult.

In for the Night
Tags: coming of the scooby army, harsens island, me, spanderverse, weather

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