harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Hmm... this is weird.

I have this habit when I'm a bit bored of looking myself up since I discovered that I've been twittered and such (for my Buffy and WATCHERS reviews - oh, my God, I wonder if this will get twittered - but never mind that, that isn't what my point was).

No, looking up my own user name isn't the thing I think weird (maybe it is, maybe it isn't).
What's weird is that I've been WIKI'd! I don't know how to feel about this. I wonder how may other bots are picking up my entries in this place or that and proliferating (quite a bit judging by my 'hit' counter)?

I mean, this was just a whole lark - I wasn't expecting to actually have myself proliferating throughout the internet web. I guess it's a bit better that the WIKI was roboted, rather than, you know, somebody actually following around what I'm doing so they can make entries on me, but I still find this really odd.

I also suddenly feel the need to start looking up LJ friends, communities, feeds... just everything to see how and where they've all been cross posted. I'm almost tempted to update my WIKI page with some more information, like a linkage to this here blog-rambling doodad. Would that be crossing a line in self-absorption?

Am I already skating on thin ice by actually googling myself? When does curiosity tip into self-obsession?

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