harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Our Ice Problem....

Our fabulous Post Mistress (and author), Linda, took some shots with her cell phone (which actually came out surprisingly well - I didn't realize cell cameras could take photos this good) of our Channel ice problems. I'm in the city again, staying at the parents, and will likely be at least through tomorrow night.

I have hopes (but not expectations, there is a difference) of getting back home on Wed. Jump out to the link at the bottom of each of my entries now to get a gander at why I had to leave this morning and why I can't get back. Oh, and check out the auto ferry in relation to the Coast Guard ship - we're tiny!

Oh, btw, Linda (on the off chance she gets a gander at this) I'm "stealing" the following for one of my userpics for use over the rest of the winter - credit completely belongs to her....

(clicky link below)
Tags: harsens island, me, weather

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