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BTVS - Review: 'The Pack'

Buffy Review

Season 1, Episode 6


Blurb: A field trip to the zoo turns deadly after Xander and a clique of mean-spirited kids become possessed by the spirit of a demonic breed of hyena.   This review is not spoiler free.

Scene 01: We open on the Sunnydale Zoo, in which Buffy is wandering. She's accosted by the above mentioned 'clique' of students, who will prove themselves to be far more lame than cool, explaining why they aren't in Cordelia's group.

They makes some snotty comments about her un-coolness, but she holds her own until the mouthy brunette chick of the group mentions her being kicked out of her last school. With Buffy not able to come up with a zinger in answer, blond boy takes the opportunity to mockingly warn brunette she should beware or Buffy might beat her up - showing that the Slayer's habit of getting into fistfights is becoming well known throughout school, even if they don't yet get why.

Commentary: And to prove my point that these losers are more LOSER than cool - please see exhibit a) lame teasing, but more conclusive, b) not-studs hideous plaid pants/yellow shirt combo!

We've barely started and already my eyes are under assault and we haven't even gotten to Willow's brand of fashion-misfires, yet....

Scene 02: Buffy wanders over to the elephant enclosure when Xander and Willow appear, excitedly. The reason for their mirth was their chance to see the zebras in some XXX rated action. As they breathlessly tell her:

Xan: We just saw the zebras mating! Thank you, very exciting!

Wills: It was like the Heimlich... with stripes!

Buffy's not feelin' though, thanks to her run-in with the alleged 'cool squad' (call it an informed attribute for the foursome). Xander points out an observation:

Xan: I'm feelin' that you're not in the field trip spirit, here.

Buffy: ... we did the same school trip in my old high school every year. Same old, same old.

Xan: Buffy, this isn't about just looking at a bunch of animals, this is about not being in class.

Buffy: You know you're right. Suddenly, the animals look shiny and new.

Scene 03: We leave our gang behind as we check in on "geek boy", who naturally is too cute to be the outcast that he supposedly is. He's showing his nerdness (even more than Willow!) by actually taking notes on the animal behavior (the chimps) as befitting an "educational field trip".

Naturally, having separated from the nerd-herd (ha!), Lance comes to the attention of Kyle (he of the hideous outfit) and the 'cool' kids. Again, the coolness is only informed since Kyle has the lamest and most obvious attempt at insult that a bad script writer could come up with (gee, I hope Joss didn't write this one - a quick break while I look this up - No, thank goodness. Embarrassingly, it actually took 2 writers to come up with this dialog. I can only think that the scripters were not part of any cool clique in school, either).

Anyway, back from my digression: Lance gets picked on. They grab his notebook and brunette chick thinks she's so funny by throwing in another chimp-related insult, but her line delivery stinks, so it comes across as flat....

Principal Flutie comes up to them, threatening them. It's obvious that this crew has been obnoxious trouble makers for awhile. Alas, Lance covers for them, pretending it was all just innocent fun rather than bullying by kids who aren't good at it. Kyle gives Lance props for not ratting them out.

Kyle invites Lance along to go into the temporarily closed Hyena house, and poor simple Lance falls for it, thinking he's being embraced by the *cough* cool kids - rather than being set up for another humiliation.

Commentary: I wonder why brunette gets all the lines, while blonde girl is so silent and so pushed into the background you can be forgiven for not remembering that they are a quartet, not a threesome of pretend-cool).

Scene 04: Buffy, Xan, and Willow have seen Lance being led away by the mean kids though, as they entered the forbidden Hyena house. Buffy goes to intervene on Lance's behalf, but Xan takes the opportunity to play the hero and goes in after them instead.

Buffy and Willow gab for a minute, but ultimately decide to ignore Xander's attempts to play hero-guy and the police tape used to "seal" the Hyena House shut and go to follow. They're caught however, by the one of the zookeepers in charge of the Hyenas. He imparts that the Hyenas are in quarantine because they just came in from Africa. He also shares they prey on the weak, and according to the Massai tribesmen in Africa, they can learn people's names. At night, they call out from the darkness for the person, and if the foolish go out to find out who is calling their name, The Pack (title shoutout!) devours them.

Commentary: This would make a really good campfire tale. Although the set up for this dude to tell this particular tale is pretty weak. It's obvious the "Hyenas attack the weak" lesson will be used later to clue Buffy in on some weirdness....

Scene 05: Back in the Hyena House, Lance is being led astray by the *cough* badboys/girls. Kyle tries to tell us that the house is "cool", putting the final nail in the head of his act that he belongs anywhere near Cordelia's clique of actual cool. In addition, we'll never see the Hyenas, as they are conveniently in a pit, out of camera shot. The closest we'll get is a puppet head (with a foleyed growl that sounds all wrong) and stock footage over the internet later.

Commentary: I do like the flutes and drum in the background of this scene, but things are dragging out a bit here - let's get to it.

Lance nerdily says they've seen the hyenas now, so they should be getting out of there before they get into trouble. The boys grab up Lance and threaten to feed him to the hyena puppet head, while the girls inanely giggle away. Xander makes his arrival, grabbing Lance from them and telling Kyle to pick on someone his own species. The standoff is interrupted when all five students (not Lance) suddenly feel compelled to look at the hyena puppet head. It's eyes flash yellow-green and we see the same effect from the students' eyes.

The pov switches to an above shot, and we see that a symbol of some type has been painted on the enclosure's floor and the affected are all standing it in. Lance takes this opportunity to run out, making clumsy noises as he goes - drawing the others' attention.

Commentary: Again, I'll give props to the tribal music playing over this scene. With Xander's possession, the tempo has been increased and an underscore of menace introduced.

Lance tripping and falling forces our clique to burst out laughing maniacally (if not exactly hyena-ly), while Xander just gives the camera an 'evil' grin....


Scene 06: We shift focus, coming back from credits, to evening at the Bronze. Buffy and Willow are there and Will expresses disappointment that Xan hasn't shown up yet. Willow also mentions that Xan was unusually subdued on the bus ride back to school, but Buffy says she didn't notice anything. She also says the reason is probably because she isn't as 'hyper-aware' of him, like Willow.

Willow admits her extreme attraction to her best friend. She also points out to Buffy that she's getting tingly feelings, too but for the mysterious Angel. Reluctantly, Buffy admits Angel is a 'honey' but complains he only comes around when he needs to tell her about vampires.

The girl-talk is interrupted by the arrival of Xan, turning Willow into gushy-girl. Xan is acting very smooth, giving the eye to some dayplayer, but he makes his way over to the table where the girls are. And, then he gets really creepy - smelling Buffy's hair, commenting on the fact she recently showered, expressing some mild disappointment that she's done so....

Both girls notice this weird behavior, but Xan tells them he's just feeling really restless. Which is when the other possessees walk into the Bronze and draw Xan's attention. They exchange significant looks, but alas, don't immediately engage in some orgy-goodness. The mean guys immediately cruise to a taken table and claim ownership of it, which would be oh-so-more-impressive if any of them was at all intimidating.

The main point of this exchange is that brunette makes a fat joke at one of the guys-at-the-table expense and Xan laughs with them. 'Cause Xan wouldn't laugh at a fat joke, he's just too decent for that sort of thing, donchaknow.

Commentary: This episode is when my Xander-crush really started. He's just far too cute to be stuck in the high-school 'outsiders' club.

Scene 07: In the library the next day, Buffy is training with Giles (yes - in the library, they're practicing hand to hand combat). Giles dismisses Buffy to class and complains he has lost feelings in his arms as soon as she's out of earshot.

Scene 08: We cut to a close to the floor POV shot as kids in the hallway jump out of the way of something scurrying along the floor. (And, again, with the boy plaid pants? What is that??)

Principal Flutie is chasing after it, as Buffy comes into view, bends down and grabs ahold of something that squeals in protest. This is Herbert the Piglet and new mascot for the Sunnydale High Razorbacks football team. (Don't become attached to him.) Buffy is directed to carry the squealing piglet to his cage.

Scene 09: Meanwhile outside, Xander says from off camera, "I'm not getting this!"

Willow is attempting to tutor Xan in algebra, and like me, he's not understanding any of it. Willow points out he had it just the week prior, but now he's unfocused. He complains that he doesn't need math, anyway (it's true kids - I've gotten by just fine on the big four, addition/subtraction/multiplication/division). Willow is cute and amusing here. Xan is short-tempered.

Xander throws his math book in the trash and bitches to Willow that he'll never get it - he stomps away from her.

Scene 10: In the meanwhile, Principal Flutie is walking with Buffy with Herbert still in her arms. He complains that (circa-90s) school kids have no school spirit, a state that Herbert is meant to help correct. Flutie gives Buffy the "when I was your age" speech regarding school reputation and caring about it. But then he warmly also tells her that at that age, he was surrounded by guys that were telling him about the good old days, too.

As Buffy waits for Flutie to put away Herbert's accoutrements and open up his cage, Xan walks in from outside. Herb has a panicky meltdown as Xan walks by and stares at him, giving Buffy "what the hell" face.

Scene 11: We cut to lightning flashing outside shortly later, to justify everyone having gym class indoors, even though their in usually sunny Southern California. The coach lets everyone know that they'll be playing dodgeball since they can't go out.

Buffy, Willow, Xan and all four other mean kids happen to share gym class with Lance.

We get scenes of balls being thrown at kids as those hit have to take a seat. There are hints here that the possessed are throwing the balls a little harder than is absolutely necessary, which is completely normal. But, Xan also seems to be doing so, and that's less normal - I guess. The real kicker comes when Xander purposely hits Willow out though, and he really nails her - giving her 'how could you' face as she goes to sit out.

Soon, on one side of the gym is Buffy alone (thank you Slayer reflexes!) while on the other is the possessed (thanks Hyena spirit reflexes!) and Lance (thanks blind luck!).

The five possessed stare at Buffy as she gets ready to dodge five different balls at once. But, if you recall, hyenas only attack the weak - so all five turn on Lance and group nail him (no, not like that - more's the pity) and the coach approvingly says he loves brutal dodgeball.

Buffy rushes over and helps Lance up, while having a stare-down with Xander (thunder crackling in the background). He turns away and stalks off with his new clique.

Commentary: And, I notice here that Cordelia Chase makes no appearance in this episode. I can only think that somebody knew that their 'cool clique' would only suffer in comparison to the Queen C in the episode. It's kind of too bad - Xander vs. Cordelia could have made a funny/nasty scene in the school hallway.

Scene 12: Willow waits for Xander in the hallway. He comes into the hallway laughing with the other possessed, and they've all taken to wearing the same thing - which in this case is in dark clothes (except for brunette) thankfully, rather than following Kyle's fashion sense. Willow asks Xan what is wrong with him lately, and with the others watching, he basically rips her apart for her pasty face and laughing at her shocked and heartbroken reaction. Buffy has made the scene for the last half of his little speech and she storms over and confronts him, but he just laughs at her and walks away with Kyle and the others.

Commentary: The only thing I've always noticed in the episode though, that sort of defeats the whole "Pack" idea, is how often Xander is off by himself and NOT hanging around with the others. If they were really going to go with this metaphor for the cliques of high school not to mention the animal possession bonding these guys all together, Xander really should have been shown blowing off Buffy and Willow more to spend that time with the other possessed - this could easily have been accomplished in the Bronze earlier for one instance. Also, in this scene and the next specifically, they all should have been wearing solid black to show they were growing of one mind and that they were becoming more predatory. That was a missed opportunity in wardrobe.

Scene 13: Outside of school, the gang of 5 walk off like they own the place. Xander is attracted to the smell of hot dogs and the kids grab them from those sitting at the table. When they find the hot dogs cooked, they throw them down in disgust. Scenting something else, Xan leads the crew back in doors and to the room containing the caged and vulnerable little piglet.

Commentary: I did warn you not to get attached. G'Bye Herbert, we hardly knew ye!

Scene 14: Following more laughter (which is much more Hyena-ish), we get a slow mo shot of the kids walking down the sidewalk, Xan in lead. There is dark, moody rock playing as the five scope out their fellow students... which eats up time, but provides nothing else.

They even go by Lance, without harassing him - but if you notice, Nicky sniffs at him!

Scene 15: Finally, they come to a stop, with Xan staring up to the second floor where Buffy and Willow sit on a wall over the courtyard. Xan hears their conversation, with Willow crying about how she's known him her whole life and she didn't see him ever treating her this way. Buffy tells Willow that she thinks something supernatural is going on, but Willow is all about blaming herself for Xan's treating her badly - she points out that he hasn't picked on Buffy, only sniffed her alot. She thinks that three has become a crowd, but Buffy shoots that down. She goes to Giles to find out what could be happening....

Scene 16: This is the only scene in the episode that really pops - and it's because of Giles' droll humor. So, it's time for a quote-a-thon:

Giles: Xander's taken to teasing the less fortunate?

Buffy: Uh-Huh.

Giles: And there's a noticable change in both clothing and demeanor?

Buffy: Yes.

Giles: And, well all otherwise, all of his spare time is spent lounging about with imbeciles.

Buffy: It's bad, isn't it?

Giles: It's devastating. He's turned into a sixteen year old boy. Of course, you'll have to kill him.

I also love Buffy's line a bit later in this same scene: I can't believe that you, off all people, is trying to Scully me.

Commentary: I don't usually notice tiny production errors either... unlike some, I don't look for people's hair changing between camera set ups or whether they have a purse strap on their right or left shoulder or that sort of thing. It has to be pretty blatant to get through my involvement in a story - so there is one here that is pretty obviously a boom mike shadow that moves over the cardboard box smack dab in the foreground of the scene. It really intrudes into the moment - but thankfully, the only great lines of the episode are done with anyway.

As Giles explains that boys going through puberty turn into morons before they (most of us, anyway) get over it, he mentions the phrase "they prey on the weak", which causes the gears of Buffy's mind to grind together. She realizes that Xan has been acting 'wiggy' since the trip to the zoo, where the zookeeper used the exact same phrase about the hyenas. Giles is still playing skeptic about hyenas possessing young boys and girls, but at that moment, Willow rushes into the library to tell them that Herbert has been found eaten.

Giles goes to get his books and look stuff up.

Scene 17: Principal Flutie is on a tear, and he locates the trouble makers (again - no Xander - why, except that he can't possibly be party to what is about to occur, which means because It's In The Script). Flutie, alas, finds the other possessed lounging about on a picnic table and calls them into his office.

Commentary: OH, YEA BLONDE GIRL! She got to speak a line, "Crunchy"... good going, there.

Scene 18: Back in the library, Willow and Buffy are looking in books on hyenas. Giles recalls now of the Massai belief in animal transpossession. Giles warns that if the possession isn't ended then the person themselves becomes lost. For 'Primals', those who believe in the holyness of the animal spirit, it is a sacred belief system and a pure act to allow an animal spirit into themselves to temporarily allow them to be rid of the 'perversion' of the soul and consciousness.

Buffy takes off to find Xan and to find a way to reverse the possession before whatever she saw in Giles' research book becomes Xander's new permanent reality. Willow looks up the page after she's gone and we see men, their limbs torn asunder - giving warning of what will occur to Principal Flutie, I'm afraid.

Scene 19: In Herbert's 'room', Buffy finds the cage torn open, showing the possessed also have enhanced strength. She finds bones picked clean (a little too clean) as we see Xander coming up behind her.

Commentary: Why is Xan back in that otherwise empty room? Why hang out there, instead of with his Pack? IITS.

Buffy tackles Xander, to which he responds that he's been waiting for her to jump his bones (which despite Willow and now Xan's admissions, she'll go on pretending that there is no romantic interest from him until Prophecy Girl, when he confronts her with his feelings).

Scene 20: In Flutie's office, he is berating the others. They get aggressive - he goes to pick up the phone, which is snatched out of his way with brunette following up with slashes to his face from her nails. He falls back in his chair, panicking now, but trying to sound authoritative - it doesn't save him.

We leave the scene focusing on his photo (on his own desk?!!).... Also, we don't leave him screaming, leaving me hopeful that when he was tackled backward his head hit the sill and he was knocked cold before the eating of him started.

But they unnecessarily edit this so we cut back and forth to Buffy and Xan, where he roles over on top of her. Xander points out that Buffy likes her men mean, like Angel (though I have no idea where he would get the idea that he's mean) and that now that he's mean too....

Commentary: Nicky does a terrific job of really being menacing and threatening Buffy with sexual assault here. In fact, a strong point of this episode is Nick's acting - he has a chance to take hold of the episode and he does so in a way that he didn't in Teacher's Pet.

Scene 21: We cut to the internet clip of hyenas feeding, tearing apart their fallen prey so we can visualize Flutie's fate without getting into problems with network censors. Willow is the watcher of it, when Buffy comes into the library dragging an unconscious Xan - and he's put into the indestructible book cage.

Giles returns from an emergency teacher's meeting, and tells the girls about Principal Flutie's being found - the official story being that *somehow* a pack of wild dogs made it into his office and killed him.

He also reports that no one was found at the scene, meaning our bad-gang are still out there. During talk about how to reverse things, Buffy suggests that perhaps the quarantine of the hyenas has a reason other than possible infectious disease. She takes off with Giles to question the keeper, while Willow remains behind to watch over Xander.

Scene 22: Cutting to an anonymous woman with a baby carrier on her back, she walks into a park. She stumbles upon our foursome, but thankfully for her they're too busy lazing off the consumption of Flutie to pursue her.

Commentary: Thank you for including the scene of blond-stud with drool running down the side of his face, too. Ick.

Scene 23: Back in the library, Xander comes to. He is sounding far more normal. Xander turns on the charm, trying to get Willow to turn on Buffy by reminding her that before she showed up, they were never in need of life-saving the way they are now. He pleads with Wills to let him out so he can help figure out what is wrong with him, turning up the schmooze with "I want you" to help him. He tries to make out like Buffy is selfish and not interested in them. He draws Willow closer and closer to the cage, assuring her that he's himself. But then he lunges his arm through the book slot at her, and she avoids him, not ever being actually fooled by his act in the first place.

Xander yells at her to let him out.

Scene 24: In the meanwhile, Giles and Buffy have talked to the zookeeper, who seems suspiciously unsurprised by all of the talk of animal possession. He tells them that they're a very rare breed and something was strange about them since their arrival. He mentions the Primals, and seems anxious to learn what the trigger was for the possession in the first place. After discovering the necessary predatory act over a symbol (oh, such as the symbol painted on the Hyena House floor, perhaps?) he tells them he believes they may now know enough to perform another transpossession - supposedly to return the animal spirit to the animals.

He further explains that they're going to need all five students in the Hyena House, but Buffy only knows where one of them is. The zookeeper assures her that they'll find their missing member once they've rested after a meal... opening the door for an attack on Willow in order for the pack to retrieve Xander.

Scene 25: Willow is still watching Hyena videos (which provide no helpful information, so I don't know why) and Xan is pacing. From the library windows, we see the peering in faces of the rest of the possessed. They smash their way in. As Willow runs, the gang tear at Xander's cage (which only seems to be able to withstand force from outside of it because it comes apart quite easily- despite the amount of times that someone super strong gets closed into it and can't escape), freeing him. With Xan free, we have some more homoerotic sniffing going on briefly, this time it's Kyle and Blond Guy on Xander - the girls participate too, but who cares about them.

In the meanwhile, Will finds a classroom door unlocked and takes refuge while Xan breaks apart from the pack and goes in pursuit. They quickly follow. Willow hides under a teacher's desk as the pack separate to find her. Xan scents right where she's gone, however. Just as Willow's goose looks cooked, Xan and Blonde Girl turn and leave.

Will crawls out from under the desk - BUT XAN IS WAITING FOR HER!

Xan lunges at her, but she dodges him and throws a student chair/desk combo in his way. She makes it to the hallway, but Blonde Girl is waiting to grab her....

Thankfully, Buffy has arrived and clobbers the girl with a fire extinguisher.

Xan tries to follow Willow out into the hallway, but Buffy gives him a Slayer kick to the chest and knocks him down. In the meantime, Blond Guy has returned and he's quickly joined by Brunette and Kyle. The Slayer, Willow and Giles run for it, they find another classroom, this one with an actual lock on the inside. The possessed leave, as Buffy explains, because they're hungry (she knows this how?) and they'll be looking for somebody weak to victimize.

Buffy follows them to intercept and lead them to the zoo. She tells Giles that she thinks as they're gaining strength, they're getting stupider (again, based on what? But, this does make sense as the whole point of the Primals is to lose human consciousness - so they would be getting dumber the longer the possession wears on).

Giles and Willow are to get to the zoo and set up the ritual to be ready with the keeper as soon as she leads them into the Hyena House.

Scene 26: We cut to an arguing couple and their son as they leave some friend's house and get in their minivan. As the father discovers he doesn't know where the car keys are, from outside they hear Billy's (the son's) name being called. Suddenly Kyle hangs down from the roof next to Billy's seat.

Commentary: This is a nicely done jump-scare and I like that they haven't forgotten the myth that the hyenas are able to learn people's names and call them out to their doom.

The group attack the van, with Xander busting in a window and leaping in to grab Billy for a meal. Luckily for them, Buffy arrives and the hyena-possessed are too stupid not to fall for her taunts as she takes off running for the zoo.

Scene 27: Cut to the zoo, where Giles and Willow are just arriving at the Hyena House. Giles goes in alone to prepare the ritual, while Willow stands guard to let them know the moment she hears the gang arriving. In the House, Giles calls out for the zookeeper and sees him in Massai face paint. Giles also notes the sacred circle on the floor, and only realizes now that the circle must have already been there when the kids first came, or the possession wouldn't have occurred at all.

Giles puts together that the zookeeper wanted the hyena spirits to possess himself, but he's quickly rendered unconscious.

Commentary: Of course, the zookeeper says "the power will be mine", but if he really knew what he was doing, this would be a stupid plan. Why would you want a possession which strips away your ability to think with no obvious way to reverse it? Would anyone really want to devolve into an animal state permanently? How long before zookeeper ended up in a psych ward for the criminally insane? His whole reasoning makes zero sense, unless you want to go with the 'explanation' that he doesn't really know what he's getting himself into. I can only think that he's under the impression he'll have animal-senses and enhanced strength like someone directly out of a comic book (Wolverine fan?) without losing his human ability to reason.

He drags Giles away while Buffy runs, runs, runs through the woods - hyena-possessed right on her heels.

Scene 28: Willow rushes in to tell them that she hears them coming. Zookeeper tells her that Giles is lying in wait, while at the same time he begins to bind her wrists - part of the ritual, he says. Buffy calls out ahead of her that they're there. Zookeeper spins Willow around, reminding her they need a predatory act for the ritual - he brings a knife up to her throat....

Willow clues in a bit too late and when Buffy arrives, to see Willow at knife point, she helpfully exclaims that it's a trap. In the meanwhile, Xander tackles Buffy as the rest of the possessed arrive in the chamber. They pin Buffy to the floor and it appears she's going to go the way of Flutie, when the keeper starts a yelled chant.

There is the green flash in the eyes and the students lose their hyena spirit and another flash as zookeeper takes it all into himself. He drops the blade and prepares to bite Willow's face in an act of predation to complete his ritual, but Xander, seeing Willow in danger moves faster. Performing a tackle like a linebacker, he pushes the zookeeper away from Will. The zookeeper responds by punching Xan out, but Buffy is up by then and she hits back harder. He tries to fight her, but as he rushes her, Buffy performs a toss that has him up and over the bars and into the hyena pit, where there is some unpleasant screaming.

The kids take off, Giles comes stumbling in and Buffy and Willow look nauseated and horrified at the zookeeper's fate.

Scene 29: Back at school the following day, the kids talk about what happened to Flutie. Xander learns to his relief he had nothing to do with that. He says he can't remember anything about the time when he was possessed. Giles intercepts Xan, and he's heard at least enough to get the gist of their conversation... he tells Xander he's been reading up on transpossession and cannot find anywhere where it mentions memory loss of any kind. Which makes sense, or why do it? The Primals would at least want to be able to recall their brush with wild abandon, after all.

Xander swears Giles to secrecy that he, in fact, does remember everything, including attacking Buffy.

Commentary: But Xan's line, "Shoot me, stuff me, mount me..." is just bad. Bad dialog and uh, gutter-brain inducing to boot.

The Good: Nicky's acting is even better than usual in this one.

Principal Flutie's fate gets a thumbs up for surprising us.

The Bad: Uh... some of the line delivery as noted in the review is really... unconvincing.

The pacing of this one is just... unexciting and un-involving, I'd say. It makes the episode feel longer than it is.

Other Thoughts: This episode is another where they leave things dangling that shouldn't be. If Xander recalls everything, that means that Kyle and the others do, too... but they have memories of eating Principal Flutie. Just how do they survive something like that?! Shouldn't there be some sort of follow up next episode - some short scene where they're completely different, or dialog that no one has heard from them and they've disappeared or threw themselves off a roof, or some sort of indication about what they've done with this experience - but they're not recurring characters, so we get nothing.

The Score: Neither good nor bad, this episode feels uninspired. The zookeeper's plan, as explained, is crap unless you do some justifying on your own to make the plot work. It's alright, but it just sort of sits there: 3.0 out of 5

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