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Angel: After the Fall Review I of III for Issue 8

Angel: After the Fall

Issue #8

"First Night, Part III"

Plotted by: Joss Whedon & Brian Lynch
Script By: Brian Lynch
"Gunn" co-scripted by Scott Tipton

Betta George Illustration: Tim Kane with coloring by Jeremy Treece
Gwen Illustration: Fabio Mantovani
Civilians Illustration: Kevyn Schmidt
Gunn Illustration: Mirco Pierfederici with coloring by Fabio Mantovani and Michele Buscalferri

Lettered by: Neil Uyetake     Edited by: Chris Ryall

Cover By: Brian Miller

Page 01: We open on Betta George, still in captivity. He's continuing to press the vampire who is guarding him until it responds by hitting him. The vampire tells him that as soon as his usefulness is over, he'll torture and kill the telepath.

Page 02: On a beach, pre-Fall, Gwen is on the beach making out with some random guy - Nate.

Page 03: Nate tries to press for sex, which gets him shut down. Gwen gets up to leave with a non-commitant promise to look him up at work if she wants to see him again. As Nate is trying to convince her to stay for a while longer, the sky erupts in portal energy.

Page 04: As Gwen and Nate watches in puzzlement, the ocean starts to turn read and bubble - we find out we're in Santa Monica - and the Ferris Wheel starts coming undone, sending passengers to their deaths.

Page 05: Nate exlaims that someone needs to do something, as in the background, things start to transform into death images and destructive fire. Gwen makes an ecliptical reference to both Angel Investigations and especially Gunn. Gwen reaches out for Nate's hand, but discovers that her energy neutralizer is no longer functional (See Angel the Series, S4 - Ground State, Long Day's Journey and Players for Gwen's history).

With horror, Gwen accidentally fries Nate, killing him nearly instantly.

Commentary: It's good to see Gwen again, but I wouldn't have recognized her without them identifying her via the chapter title and dialog. I do like the electricity effect artwork a lot. The coloring is really nicely done.

Page 06: Gwen stares out over the roiling, red sea and screams out in frustration that she earned her ability to touch someone.

Page 07: She looks down at what remains of Nate, and weeps.

Page 08: Gwen expresses hope that Angel and crew are going to fix things, but she also suddenly wishes she'd had the chance to meet someone special instead of just making out with a series of cute guys. She leaves the beach and Nate behind to (presumably) head for Angel's.

The Good: Gwen's re-introduction into the Angelverse after missing out on S5 altogether.

The coloring work, as mentioned is nice.

The Bad: Nothing was badly done.

Other Thoughts: But, Gwen's comic-self doesn't look much like the actress who portrayed her. In fact, she even looks taller....

The Score: This is another multi-part story that will be scored in Part III's review. In addition, we'll have an overall score for the
"First Night" three issue series within a series....

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