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As you'll recall from yesterday's post - I'm stuck off island (I stay with my parents, thank goodness, or that would be a really expensive motel bill) again, as we struggle with ice-blockages and floes and blah-blah-bitchety-whine.

So, I was expecting to be able to go home this morning or tomorrow, but apparently the Coast Guard did not cutter yesterday as reported as the plan. Instead, from what I can read/hear, it will be done tomorrow {er, today} (hilariously for us with no kids, the school bus is planning to pick the children up to take to school, but freely reports to parents that they won't be able to bring them home because of the imminent fairy shutdown - WTF??) instead.

"Just received word from Algonac Community Schools that the ferry will close tomorrow at 10 AM. Busses will pick up students on the island in the morning, but there is no guarantee the ferry will open in time for them to be bussed home."

You cannot believe how pissed this makes me as I could have spent the night at home if I had known. I'm mostly just sick & tired of Mother Nature's Winter Games though, and I completely realize how useless that is.

So, in order to lift my mood, I'm reading Ken Begg's reviews of the JAWS series which get funnier as the sequels degrade in quality.

I'd like to link to one of my favorite movie reviewers' takes on the series, Lyz at And You Call Yourself a Scientist, but alas her linkages are broken.

She responded to my email reporting the issue with some information about it and she is trying to reconstitute the lost data, but obviously she is also focusing on her here & now reviews and her day job. If the reviews are ever returned I'll post links as part of my JAWS review.

So... basically, I'm saying I have nothing new to post, but I'm hoping to be in the mood to type of the Angel After the Fall, issue 8 review late tonight/early tomorrow (and maybe even issue 9 - but let's not get wild with the [usually empty] promises). If anyone has any interesting or amazing linkages (that are safe for work viewing) pass 'em along to harsens_rob@livejournal.com - and if you have a webpage (who doesn't these days??) include it to me and I'll include it in a post about your awesome recommended site.

And also...  Hug.
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