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Update, Feb 9th (really early on the 9th)

It has been a rough winter for yours truly, or more specifically for Harsens Island. We seem to be having an huge issue with ice blockages this year, causing the Coast Guard to cutter it up (see what I did there, I turned a known 'cutter', a type of ship into an verb ... you may now worship my cleverness), which causes us complications.

You see when the cutters come along and break up the ice, it has a bad habit of sending huge chunk flowing down into the path of the auto ferry. Now, propellers are (I'm guessing) expensive things, which means the owner is not likely to run the gauntlet in front of the rapidly moving chunk of ice - not to mention the problems if it gets stuck in an ice flow in the middle of the channel - and that means we get a ferry shutdown.

I've spent two whole weeks off island this winter and we're getting another shutdown today, sometime. What does this mean? Only that I'm really sick of winter - even more than usual.

It also means that we'll have to take a 'wait and see' toward getting a BTVS review out this weekend (poor The Pack - I'm never gonna get around to that!) and the review of the movie, The Birds (which I love, btw). What isn't effected much is my reviews of BTVS: Season 8 (I have issue 10 with me) and Angel: After the Fall (I have issue 8 & 9 with me) and Angel vs. Frankenstein (which is a bit of a lie - I finally read it and it is actually Angelus vs. Frankenstein's Monster) with me.

It also doesn't effect my reviewing another WATCHERS episode. What effects all of them, though, is that right now I'm just having trouble getting my eyes to stay focused on the computer screen. Trying to write up a review when I'm like this isn't fair to the material, so I'm holding off on Angel #8....

Now, I'm hoping beyond all measure that tomorrow the ice will flow freely out of the way after the 'bridge' is broken up north of the island and I'll get home on Wed. morning - at which point this whole post will have been unnecessary. But what the hey, right? It isn't like I've got anything else to post....
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