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Angel After the Fall - Issue 7, Second Half

Angel: After the Fall

Issue 7

First Night, Part II of III

Where We Were: In the first part of 'First Night', we saw Connor's story of how he ended up in Los Angeles-hell. Part of his story is that he was saved by Kate Lockley, the ex cop from S1 and S2 of Angel, the Series. This is Kate's viewpoint....

Page 13: Connor has been hauled up by the scruff of his neck (see Issue 6, page 16) when a shot gun blast blows away the demon holding him up....

Page 14: It's Kate, of course, and she lets fly with another blast. She tells Connor to get up and get moving.

Commentary: And, I still don't like how Connor is drawn. Now, I can not like how Kate is drawn, too.

Page 15/16: A full page spread of the cover....

Page 17: Kate and Connor manage to get to get to her sports car. While Kate tries to comfort Connor, he's insisting that he can fight and informs her that he's done this sort of thing before, which judging by the fact she had to save his ass, she's doubtful about.

He tells her he was raised in a Hell dimension, and when she tells his this should be like Old Home week then, he immediately takes a shine to her.

Kate continues 'comforting him', telling him they're going to get out of there just fine... the way that someone always tells a person things will be fine, when they so clearly are not.

He exasperatedly tells her that he can fight, he can!

Commentary: Okay, this was good for a bit of understated humor. I still hate the artwork.

Page 18: As Kate and Connor converse, we find out that Kate has become something of an amateur demon fighter, helping people that fall through the cracks, like AI used to do. She doesn't know Connor, or that he is Angel's son, as is proven when Connor mentions his 'two dads' and she immediately jumps to the conclusion it's a gay couple thing... which she states is very L.A.

She pulls to a stop in a parking garage, while Connor thinks she's being flirty.

Page 19: Kate puts the kibosh on that, when Connor mentioning holing up with her somewhere. They're interrupted by a giant spider attack. Kate shoots it dead with a pistol.

"Something's up," she pointlessly says.

"You think?" Connor retorts.

Page 20: But she isn't talking about the giant spider. She's actually brought him to where her weapons supplier stayed. As she loads up on supplies, Connor says he isn't sure what to do about the stuff happening to the city.

Commentary: While I appreciate that this is Kate's tale, it would be nice if Connor wasn't being shown as such a wimp here. He was raised in a Hell-dimension! He was called "The Destroyer"!

Page 21: Kate is rigging up what I believe via dialog may be a bomb. It looks like a small engine. She's planning on going back - alone - to finish off the demon army before they have a chance to hurt anyone.

Page 22: Kate exits, and we sit with Connor who after a bit of thinking, starts grabbing up bladed weapons.

Commentary: Do I even have to state that having Kate leave the room in her own story and not following her to sit with Connor was kinda dumb and violates the intended POV of the story?

Page 23: Back with Betta, he's amazed that the vampire was able to grab hold of him through the telepathic illusion. The vampire rages that what Gunn has put them through to ensure only the strongest warriors survive makes his powers look like a pathetic blip in the greater scheme of things.

A glimpse in the vampire's mind shows him that he's been forced to stay alive against a group of girls... Slayers....

The Good: Kate Lockley is written well as a character.

I like that we pick up where Connor's tale left off.

The Bad: The artwork for Connor and Kate is not good.

Connor being portrayed as a useless twit is not good (and out of character, to boot).

Other Thoughts: Betta George is still a dumb idea. It also makes zero sense for him to read the vampire's mind and yet still question what the hell a Slayer is - that should be easily answered by the thoughts he's reading before he can even think to ask the question.

Why is Spike the focus character on the cover when he doesn't even appear? Talk about a pathetic attempt to sell more copies.

The Score: Hmmm... it's hard to judge too much because each of the stories go by in a blur. At least they only tell two in this issue, which is a step up from Issue 6. They also avoid telling the tales of characters we've already gotten all of the details about (Spike). It's not badly done, but that's mostly because the stories are so abbreviated. I still think this "First Night" didn't need to be a separate mini-series within a series and it was stupidly, and pointlessly timed, interfering with the momentum of Angel's story. But, for what it is, this one isn't all that bad....

3.0 out of 5.

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