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Preludes, chapter 6 of 8

I'm back from snow-blowing and a bit of shoveling. It wasn't as bad out there as I had feared. However, my bitch at the snow remains valid... we don't need it after X-Mas.

Posted now is chapter 6 of Preludes in spanderverse.

The Walk

This chapter is concerned with our main plot of Joyce's hospitalization: Buffy talks to the doctor and realizes that something has been wrong with her mother for quite a while at this point.

Subplot re: Glorificus: She attacks the Order of Svratka and the monks there fight valiantly.

Subplot re: the Magic Box: Giles amusingly drives Xander crazy with the hen-pecking as the shop is due to open tomorrow.

I likes me subplots... they help fill out things nicely and lead into other stories. That's why Buffy and Angel are so great (well, part of the reason... the writing and characters had a lot to do with it, too, of course).

Anyway... stop reading my blathering and click the chapter link!

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