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Spanderverse chapter posted

Chapter 5 of 8 has been posted for Preludes in the spanderverse community. But before we get to that, I feel the need to bitch about the weather....

It's freakin' snowing... again!

Okay, so that's pretty normal this time of year... I mean it is Feb. in Michigan, but damn it, I'm tired of the whole winter thing. Look, I like snow, okay? I just like it between Dec 24th and Jan. 1st.

After that, I'm just done with it. And, now I have to go out and blow (and not the good kind, but the bad clearing-the-snow-kind). Hey, it's my blog and I can whine if I want to.

-- ahem --

So, anyway... chapter 5:

The Wait Begins

Dawn and Buffy wait for news about Joyce's condition in the hospital. Riley is feeling neglected (which is sort of selfish, really, considering what's going on) and watching out for Dawn.

Over in the Czech Republic, the monks watching over the Key are in a panic. Something is attacking their order... something very powerful.

Okay, it's Glory... a.k.a. "THE BEAST".

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