harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Home, Again

With the Harsens Island Ferry not reporting any current down-time, I'm making the run home after a week away from the Honey. No doubt it will feel good to lay in my own bed - nothing against mom's, but she has a flat pillow on the guest bed... plus she's in a Detroit suburb and it's really noisy compared to home. I only made it to sleep at all through the wonders of modern chemistry.

I have a lot that I'd like to do this weekend including reviews for BTVS S8 #8, WATCHERS S2 #6, BTVS S1 #6 and working on Ch 21 of Coming of the Scooby Army. If I can find time, there is also a little matter of needing to review Angel: After the Fall #7 and the movie that all amateur reviewers should cover and everyone should see multiple times - JAWS.

*Phew* I have a feeling all of this won't be done this weekend - especially since Tom will probably kill me if I attempt to spend that much time on the computer ... and I still need to get caught up on last week's Bullriding and Ghost Adventures!

Hopefully the channels will be interesting sights when I get back and I'll grab a few pictures to post as well....

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