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The Amusement of Stupidity (my own)

Have you ever done something and then thought, "how in the hell did I manage that!?"

Obviously, as per the title of this post, I did. Or, well, I did once I was finished yelling expletives. Got to work tonight and exited the car, locked the door and then realized the radio was still on... it shuts off when the driver's side door opens....

Well it didn't take long literally a second or less for me to realize the key was still in the ignition and the engine was running! Yeah..., there was a LOT of expletives coming outta my mouth. So I'm standing there trying the door handle, because if it doesn't open on the first try, perhaps it will on the fourth....

Thankfully, I do have Allstate Motor Club (who, you'll recall just recently rescued me in Ohio, too - good investment) and they were able to dispatch a guy to open the lock. Alas, he wasn't successful due to the wire he used to reach through the window not having the tensile strength to push my door lock button (and I don't have those tabs at the top of the door that all cars used to have that made them so easy to steal back in the day).

Anyway, I had to call my dad and get him up at midnight and ask him to bring me the spare key... all this time, the car is running away and I'm imagining my quarter tank of gas evaporating. Thankfully, before he managed to leave the house, the company contacted by Allstate (Auto Rescue of Detroit - - Thank you, Guys!) called me back to let me know they were sending a locksmith out to rescue me in the other guy's place.

It took another 45 minutes, but Jeff made it and released the lock for me... and no damage! (I really thought they'd have to punch out the lock to get me back in.)

So, in addition to giving y'all a chuckle at my moronic exploit, I'm also posting this as a shout out to the hard workers at Auto Rescue. Thank you Jeff B, and Kathy... and thanks for picking up the tab, Allstate.

I wanted to post a linkage to my rescuers as well, but they don't have an online presence that I can find - I hope Allstate has vetted them....
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