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Auto Show

I haven't been to the International Auto Show in a few years and probably have only attended twice since it started, but I do take a look at the reports to see what is happening in auto design and fuel economy. I'm happy to report that there are some exciting developments coming out of the show this year including:

-- Chrysler is at least talking about being able to re-hire some lost workers if they continue to perform better than they expected as a company, which is the story even for so heinous a year as 2009 was.

-- Michigan will be an early market for the 100% electric Chevy Volt.

-- GM is also talking about re-hiring now, in addition to the possibility of re-opening some shuttered factories due to growing demand
for the Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Terrain and Cadillac SRX crossover vehicles and the Buick LaCrosse sedan.

-- And 'congratulations' is to be extended to FORD for their awards this year for the Focus Hybrid.
Ford Fusion Hybrid wins 2010 car of year award.

Could this be the years when the US economy starts its turnaround in earnest and put the struggling US Automakers back on the Global Competitive Map? Time would tell, but at least all of the news isn't gloom and doom!
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