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Grrrrrr - post.

I wanted to do a few things this weekend, including posting a review for Universal's Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man but I'm having computer issues. I'm trying to update from Vista to Win7, but lost the internet last Thursday and it still hasn't returned. This means not only could I not update the computer, or post the above review - I also wasn't able to work on Spanderverse or post the next chapter.

Line testing is allegedly occurring to diagnose the problem....

So I've been in a holding pattern.

Since I can't post what I want, and I don't have the energy tonight to do a proper review of the next WATCHERS story, I present to you this post from skeeter451 -

2009 Year in Space

Revisit the highlights of space exploration in 2009 and what we can expect to come up shortly in 2010!

And, just coincidentally, Ms. Skeeter451 was also instrumental in WATCHERS, so I automatically adore her.
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