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My 'How I Found Buffy' Story

So.. like many people I saw the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie and was generally unimpressed. It wasn't that I didn't like Kristy Swanson or thought she did a bad job. And though I wasn't a fan of 90210, I did think Luke Perry was cute enough... no the problem was that the jokey-scary thing didn't work for me. The movie just wasn't creepy enough to scare and the funny parts were overdone and obvious. The whole thing was just sort of there without clicking.

Cut to the new WB Network and their announcement that they had picked up BTVS as a mid season replacement series. My immediate thought was "Are you kidding?? The movie was not that good! And who the hell would watch a series based on such a stupid title? You just know this will be a half-season series that will die an ugly quick death."

Yeah... well... I was stupid. I freely admit it.

Anyway, so I caught a few snippets of episodes but wasn't caught up in the 'Buffymania' that seemed to be going on around me with the critics and stuff. I pretty much figured it was a 'girly-show' and I refused to be sucked into watching it. I remember that I watched part of 'The Pack' until the first time that Buffy's name came up and I realized what I'd flipped on... cue immediate channel-changage. Next I caught a bit of 'I Robot, You Jane' : this was all during summer re-runs after the first season. It didn't capture my interest and I figured that 'The Pack' was a one-off mildly interesting episode that almost got me, but my first knee-jerk instincts had been right: this show wasn't anything special no matter how much the buzz wanted me to believe different. (I have a thing against Buzz, alright?)

So... "how did you become a fan", you're asking, hoping I'll just get to the point. Really, that's pretty rude of you. But here it is: I caught "Prophecy Girl". I had missed the slow mo fight at the beginning and had just started catching it when Buffy walks into the library. At first, again, I didn't know what I'd flipped to. But when I heard Giles going on about Buffy and saw the look on her face, it was too late. I had to see how she was going to react to this "prophecy" and figured I'd change the channel right after that.

HAH! The scene of SMG doing the traumatized and angry/scared Buffy just killed me. I mean, seriously... tears welling and everything. Even in that first watch (before we could buy VHS/DVD and re-watch to our heart's content) I saw SO many emotions flitting through SMG's eyes that I was astounded. Her whole "I remember the drill; one Slayer dies, next one's called...." just tore me up. I knew from that moment that I had to find and watch this show from now on.

And even when I'm not happy with an episode, Buffy TVS remains my first love in TV. Better than ST, better than the X-Files and better than ER. Buffy is the real deal for me and it all started with "Prophecy Girl" and SMG's performance.

image from dvdobsession.com, though I'm sure its owned by Fox, Mutant Enemy, and who knows who else. point being I borrowed it and all rights are observed and i have no ownership over it and all that jazz.
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