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A General BRB Message.

So, for those not in the know (and I don't even want to know who you could be) next week is Ye Ol' Consumption and Consumer Holiday, or Christmas if you're old fashioned....  

  In celebration of this most credit-cardy and bank-account-emptying of holidays rolling around again, I shall be incommunicado as I basically spend a week in various stages of drunkenness and seeing the wilds of Tennessee - or at least those wilds that will allow me to spend tourist dollars. I'm doing my part to support some other state's economy... how about you!   

    So, basically what I'm trying to get around to is that I don't want anyone posting anything interesting while I'm gone 'cause I don't want to miss anything juicy. Sure, I may be able to push one of the kids down a flight of stairs and grab their laptop, but that's not a sure thing so it'll be better if everyone on the f'list post whatever-whatever before Saturday ... say 5am?    

      Thanks so much. Oh, btw, with this whole new stats thingy that paid customers are now seeing I've noted that there is much more reading of my blog entries than I ever thought. How odd - as no one does the commenty thing - it led me to believe I was just whistling away to myself in the dark. But, that wasn't really my point. My point is if you've got a page, website, journal or internety what-what then drop me a line! I wanna visit - maybe we'll be new best pals and I'll even come over late at night and take pictures through your windows... no, no I mean... uh... maybe I'll comment on your page or something like that. You can always send to harsens_rob@livejournal.com if you don't want to post a comment that the public may see. And, if you're a registered user, I do believe you can see my yahoo mail address. Just be warned that I am quick with the "mailer is spammer" button so don't try sending me trash or mailers - I won't bother with them anyway.
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