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Posting, posting... hmmmm.

Can I just level with you, my good friends? Thanks. I knew you'd be cool with it -

I don't really have much of nuthin' to post this minute. I was going to do this memeorandum round up, but Jeezus H. Crabapple - I'm just sick of them all ... why are people being paid for opinions? Why do people act like they are doing anything but venting their hot air? These aren't experts in anything they're writing about - it's just opinion...!

Surprise! You don't have any brilliant insights! And, all you do is cross post to each other - if you want to argue and spat do it through email, dipshits.

So, yeah. I was gonna do this memeo-round up thing, but now I'm not. So I present this link instead to 'Arbogast on Film'. I won't lie - its an older post and he really needs to update it, but its pretty funny and after wading through the bullshit on memeo, I needed the laugh.

So, I present unto you, "Why You Are Not the Final Girl". I literally burst out laughing at the Pat Tracey entry, who bought it in 'Blood Feast', I believe.

Seriously, Arbo needs to update this mini-article.
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