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AMC Recommendation

This post is to direct some traffic to two articles over on the AMC blog that are a bit fun. One of them is written by Stacie Ponder (my asexual crush-interest who I plan to maybe one day marry, move to Australia and then become a polygamist so I can marry my other asexual crush-interest, Lyz Kingsley... and then juggle them with my not asexual partner, Tom... wow, I hope this doesn't happen until we're all too decrepit to care) of Final Girl and the other is by somebody else, but it's got Godzilla, so automatically gets a mention:

So, Final Girl's article focuses on some flicks focusing on Horror Hospitals -

Session 9 - Totally on my 'to buy' list... but that list is really, really long.

Anatomie - I haven't had much interest in this one, gotta admit, so probably won't show up here.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II - Never got into this series, alas, though I did catch this one on cable. I like the first one more and the other sequels were... well, they won't be featured on here either. I think this series was more up my brother's path, than mine.

A Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors - Okay, I know that this one wasn't a good movie, but I have this guilty longing for it anyway. It's on my list.

Bad Dreams - On my list.

Visiting Hours - I remember seeing this and thinking that there was something off about it. I didn't realize at the time that it's a Canadian-made horror, and ergo has a slightly different sensibility than I was used to. Unfortunately, I remember this one having one or two standout scenes (Michael Ironside disconnecting an old lady's respirator and taking photos of her as she smothers to death is burned into my brain) but otherwise is kind of dull... and the killers inability to kill anchorwoman Deborah Ballin becomes ludicrous. I probably will end up not buying this one, even though it's on the list because there are just so many more deserving films to buy.

Halloween II - Ugh. Jamie Lee Curtis spending 70% of the film in a hospital bed? Michael suddenly taking an interest in protracted murder sequences a la Jason (I'm thinking the nurse being drained of blood, another image in the noggin)? No thanks.

The Possession of Nurse Sheri - I've never even heard of this one (including under its other title, Hospital of Terror) but it doesn't sound like one I need to rush onto the movie buy list.

The Manitou - Oh, Manitou, how excited I was to read all about you in some horror mag or another (Fangoria, maybe) and how deeply disappointing and stupid you turned out to be. No, will not be reviewed here.

Don't Look in the Basement - Doubtful that we'll be looking at that one here, either, but I'm a waffler on putting this one on the list.

The other post is from Maitland McDonagh and explores her picks for best Monster Movie Smackdowns:

Laurie Strode vs. Michael Myers - I am so there on this one. I love Laurie Strode and I think it all has to do with Jamie Lee Curtis. Laurie battled her brother in Halloween, HII, H20, H: Resurrection and then the Rob Zombie helmed remakes. The only ones that we'll be reviewing here are the original and H20 because Halloween II wasn't something that Carpenter wanted to make and Jamie wasn't keen on it either, and it shows throughout. It's dull and slashery instead of stalky-scary. As for Halloween: Resurrection... please. Laurie won in H20 and whatever her fate after that (I'm thinking some time in a ward to avoid prison and then getting on with her life with her son - but not her never-existed abandoned daughter). As to the remakes - not interested is the plain answer.

Freddy vs. Jason - God, what a pile. We're going to take a walk through the original Elm Street and visit Mrs. Vorhees' Crystal Lake but this junker can stay with the kids these days that don't know what an actual decent movie looks like. We might also visit guilty-pleasurer Dream Warriors, but that's the only sequel I'd even consider spending actual dollars on.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn - It's on the list, but really I'm more interested in buying the first one (I know - I don't own Evil Dead, yet; I hang my head in shame).

Aliens - Oh, but yes! We will definitely be stepping through a review of Alien, Aliens and Alien: Resurrection. I loathed Alien 3 after I wasted full ticket price to see it in a theater and was betrayed. I read that the director's cut is far, far better in structure so I keep going back and forth on whether I'll be buying it eventually. But, Aliens will definitely get a reviewing - the AMC article even quotes my all time favorite line... LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Zombie - (i.e. Zombie 2) I watched this online at youtube and I am so into it, so I'll definitely be buying this one and review it here eventually. (I'm telling you, I have so many 'to buy' movies....)

The War of the Gargantuas - BORING. Will not be reviewed here, as I will not spend money on it. To be fair though, I've read that the original Japanese movie is better than you'd guess if all you've seen is the butchered American version.

Godzilla vs. Mothra - DEFINITELY will be reviewed. I love the Big G. Alas, despite pretending, Maitland must be a pretender because she lists the 1964 movie, but her description is completely the 90's movie! Sacrilege... off with her head!

The Horror of Dracula - C'mon, is this even a question? Hammer - Lee's vampire count - Cushing's doctor - Oh, that is so being reviewed here!

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man - Wasn't very impressed with this movie and its rank wiff of being a money grab sequel, but it's included on the Universal Wolf Man set, so yes - I'll be review that one. In fact, I'll be doing so quite soon (I want to get the next Buffy and WATCHERS reviews out first).

And that's that, so head on over on the linkages....

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