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I've posted the first 5 chapters of Coming of the Scooby Army over in the Spanderverse community:

Ch 1 - Felled - Xander and Spike return to the house following the Giles' caused storm and the fight between Spike and Hyena-Xan. In the meantime, Carole mulls over Dawn's unique situation.

Ch 2 - The Bitter
- Warren and Andrew flee the abandoned iron works in the aftermath of Hyena's attempt to kill them. In the meanwhile, Jon is having regrets about the night's activities.

Ch 3 - Morning Light
- With the night finally having passed, Giles has to face what he's become. Xander and Spike is also facing a major change, and neither of them know where it leaves them as a couple.

Ch 4 - The House and the Social Worker
- Giles continues dealing with the aftermath of his brush with dark magic. Willow, Tara and Xander touch base on the rough night they've been through, but the day turns out to be difficult too when Dawn's new social worker shows up at the Summers'.

Ch 5 - Rough Visits
- Dawn's social worker creates a headache for the gang, with Dawn and Spike doing nothing to help. In the meanwhile, Detective Marsha Gannon has become the latest victim to be possessed by the Hellmouth Wisp demon.

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