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Why? Why do I find this woman fascinating?

I loathed her hate-mongering jingoism. I hated her apparent embrace of her own ignorance about international affairs and her, somehow, embracing the meme that this is a good thing. I dislike her socially conservative views and how that might have impacted policy if she were in the White House. But, I also thought that she was being pretty hideously treated by cowardly staff who lost an election and needed a fallguy to cover for their own incompetence.

I'm glad that the GOP lost the election of 2008. And, more, I'm glad that the brainless conservatives of the party weren't able to twist the electorate's views into believing that Sarah was ready for such a responsibility as being the #2 in the country with direct access to the Big Chair if God-forbid, something had happened to John.

It does break my heart that the current-Right still has such a strong voice all over the media. It also confuses and confounds me - that so many people are willing to cut off their own noses to spite the 'other side' continues to baffle me. And, Sarah remains a part of the crowd who utterly refuses to see that 'their side' has not exactly done wonders for the life of Americans in their years of power.

And yet, I'm not ready to see Sarah completely vanish from public life. It's possible that I just plain don't like how she's been mocked and used and gossiped about and belittled savagely on national television. It's possible, dear God help me, that I might actually sort-of, kind-of ... like her....

Maybe it's the fact that even if I emphatically disagree with her (and hate that she says hateful things about the President), at least she isn't phony. I don't feel like she's saying things because "the base" wants to hear it but because she actually believes them when she talks about reforming government and limiting its reach into our lives and budget self-discipline ... and maybe I'm just crazy.

I'm not going to buy her book. I don't want to see her in a position of policy-making within the government where her views could have a real impact on my life. But, I want her to keep speaking out about what she believes the government should or shouldn't be doing. Even if I think that some of it doesn't make much sense. Even if I will stand up and say that "this is crazy!", I want her voice to be heard.


Why do I give her a pass in a way that I wouldn't give one to Bachmann or Bounds or Hannity or whichever other Wingnut is saying something outrageous that week.

What is it about this woman that I find fascinating? I truly find my own reactions toward Sarah puzzling and bizarre....
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