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Spanderverse: I'm on chapter 16 of "Coming of the Scooby Army", but not near the end. Going back and forth with myself on whether to post at least the first few chapters or not - despite my telling myself I'd never start posting WIPs again. I don't know - it's frustrating that its going slowly and I'm not brilliant    :-)

Buffy Review: I'm going to post the review for, "Teacher's Pet" this weekend.

Movie Review: I'm going to post a review for "The Creature Walks Among Us" this weekend (or possibly sooner if I don't sleep the whole day away - working Mids is tough).

Watchers Review: I'd like to get a review posted by Friday for 'Watchers: The Virtual Series'; episode "Checkmate", which I remember as a good episode in bringing some understanding between Willow and Rowena.

NASA: I may get Part III of the NASA probe site-links posted by Sunday and then by the following Sunday I'd like to have a retrospective of some of the most impressive Hubble images.

Friends: Hey mutual friends - where you been with all of the no posting!? (I think you know who I'm talking 'bout)

Update the Update (11-17-09): 'Spanderverse' - I did write some more.

'Buffy Review' - started, but not posted yet

'Movie Review' - Done.

'Watchers Review' - Done.

'NASA' - Not Done - not even started.
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