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RINOs or Just Republicans Telling a Truth?

David Brooks is one of those columnists (who seem to be paid a nice wage for nothing... everybody has an opinion and you know what they say they're like... but never mind that for now) who sees himself as a Conservative through and through. And, he used to be respected as such... but like so many such center-right pundits, he's found himself on the outs with the "real conservatives" for not drinking the cool aid. Every one of his columns these days is met my linkages from "real right" bloggers who immediately tell him he's nothing, no one cares what he thinks, he's just a RINO - Obama worshipper - no spine betrayer of convervatism.

His latest article for the Times won't be winning him back any fans among the rabid set:

They pay more attention to Rush’s imaginary millions than to the real voters down the street. The Republican Party is unpopular because it’s more interested in pleasing Rush’s ghosts than actual people. The party is leaderless right now because nobody has the guts to step outside the rigid parameters enforced by the radio jocks and create a new party identity. The party is losing because it has adopted a radio entertainer’s niche-building strategy, while abandoning the politician’s coalition-building strategy.[GOP politicians]

There are a lot of past articles that I disagreed with David on - he tended to love GW and Cheney too much for me as their cheerleader and sometimes he seems petty but I have to wonder if he's not speaking truth here. It does seem like the Conservatives on TV are given outsized attention to their overwrought blatherings (which is disheartening to see when you hear actual Senators or Representatives pay them lip service in the Chambers) when they've shown that they don't really seem to have much influence among the voting population. You have to wonder if all of the people who buy Limpy's or O'Blowhard's or the other hot air artists, at the end of the day, aren't actually the type to get out and vote at all. Or, are more of their listeners not "true believers", but rather just enjoy the outrageous rantings as entertainment and are more capable of understanding the difference between Conservative radio rants and actual governing then many (myself included) have given them credit for?

Read his column for the evidence that Rush may have 'millions' of listeners, but he apparently doesn't influence millions of votes when it counts.

"David Brooks hates you

Just in case you didn't know it before, his snooty just-so story about talk-radio hosts raging in "spittle-flecked furor" ought to tell you what profound contempt David Brook has for conservatives."

I knew I could count on 'The Other McCain' to make my point.
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