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An Update Post.

So, this is what is happening... I finally broke down and put a new computer on the charge card, despite the fact I live in Michigan, and ergo, live in fear of the economic ax falling on my neck. The original one is pushing 10 and in computer years, that's like... what? 15? 18?

Anyway, it was starting to show signs of dying... boot up was a problem, it stopped communicating with devices for no reason, applications (especially Word) would lock up when trying to auto-save and then corrupt the file... and this time it wasn't a virus.

Unfortunately, due to the above sitch with Word, I lost two chapters right in the middle of my story for Spanderverse, which I must now reconstruct. On the positive side, I've got my DVD player and am working on my first BTVS review for 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' including screen grabs. On the not-good side, I'm having problems getting the new HP with Vista to play nicely with my Epson all-in-one printer/scanner so I've had to sideline the BTVS: S8 and Angel: S6 reviews until I can contact HP, Epson or Windows for some help. Since I'm on midnights now, I find it hard to do anything but sleep all day.

I expect the next Spanderverse story to flow relatively quickly once I'm over the current hurdle of trying to fill in these missing two chapters and will hopefully post it in the next month or so. On re-reading, I keep finding awkward lines, so I've done a lot of correcting as well on what I do have.

Weekends are computer-day, so I'll be working on the Buffy review and the Spanderverse then. The review should be posted on Sunday sometime, the story... well... yeah, a month or less (or so I claim, however I have a bad habit of claiming things re: Spanderverse and then putting it off).
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