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Spander Post/Insomnia Rant

So, I am dead tired because, once again, I have not bothered to sleep since the night before last. Not that I have a lot of choice in these things... the body was willing but the brain would not SHUT UP. So, I spent the whole night basically plotting out scenes and really entire chapters of Spanderverse in my head... of course, these chapters are no where near to the chapters that I'm actually on, because that would be far too easy.

So, to recap rant - Insomnia (again), Spander-plotting, slowly-going-insane, body-hurt and mind clayness -

You see how I suffer for my art... or suffer from my art... or something equally pretentious. But, it's all for you, my adoring fans, so it's totally worth it. You are adoring, aren't you? Because if you think I'm going to go slowly insane here, just so you can be not adoring, you're the ones who are crazy! Why are you looking at me like that?!

Eh-hum... so anywho... Spanderverse is being worked on; that's really my point. And, insomnia sucks, but I've bitched about that before.

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