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Angel Review Part II of III

Angel: After the Fall

Issue 6



Page Nine: The bulk of this issue revolves around Connor, though again, there really isn’t enough here for much commentary.


We start with Connor running from W & H, during Angel’s big battle with Eve’s replacement… the handsome and hunky Adam Baldwin.


But, this isn’t about Adam, so back to Connor: He’s running, when he sees the violet lightning flashing in the sky (along with the rest of L.A.) that signals the evil law firm’s portal opening (Not Fade Away).


He debates going back – even though Angel told him to get away from the warzone.



Page Ten: Connor notes the dragon in the air (Not Fade Away) that Angel will convince to switch sides in this very comic series. Being Angel’s kid, he immediately thinks how cool it would be to slay a dragon and starts back.



Page Eleven: He stumbles and falls into a pothole opening on the road in front of him, but as he catches himself, he’s suddenly not there anymore. Instead, he’s in Compton… and Hell.


He pulls out a stake, but doubles over vomiting.



Page Twelve: Connor realizes that he suddenly can remember everything that he’d been forced to forget during Angel’s deal with W & H at the beginning of S5. We see a scene of Connor in Darla’s womb; Fred and Angel standing over his flailing fists; and a pair of hands, one of which is holding a sword with a demon approaching. This memory is definitely of his time with Holtz in Quor'Toth.



Page Thirteen: There are more memories… Angel and Cordelia standing over him. And, Cordy (who his infant memories indicate was a surrogate mother) laying underneath him.


He’s as unhappy with that memory as we are. As he says:



“I’m not only an immaculate vampire baby, I’m also Oedipus.”



Commentary: I’m glad that they didn’t forget that Connor’s memory was all screwed up. And, although Wes remembered everything – it was unclear how much Connor was supposed to have recalled once he’d defeated Sahjahn… but it didn’t seem like much, if anything.



Page Fourteen & Fifteen: We have a spreadpage of the cover art inserted here.



Page Sixteen: Connor’s quest to get back to Angel goes awry when a demon army stumbled onto the scene. They were supposed to be battling Angel for W & H, but are running late… something that seems to be a habit with them.



“Our slaughtering skills are second to none, but being late, that’s always our problem.”



Connor tries to make a dash for it, as he’s outnumbered by about 100 to 1.



Page Sixteen: Uh, no. He’s caught and held up by the scruff of his jacket. This is exactly what the demon army needs… since they were late to the big brawl, here’s their chance to kill Angel’s son and not get themselves hurt by an annoyed W & H.


Connor contemplates how his three fathers would handle things as he dangles (Angel, Holtz and the father the law firm placed him with during Angel’s deal with them).



Commentary: There’s some bit of attempted small humor in here, but the story nicely catches Connor up on everything. I do have to wonder why he isn’t more concerned about his “family” though… the mortal one who are presumably in L.A.?


Yeah, Connor….



The Good: Well, like Spike’s tale, this is abbreviated – unlike Spike’s though, it has more of a story and purpose. Rather than just showing us what we could have intuited, we get to see Connor get his memories back.



The Bad: Connor… or rather, how he was drawn. I’m not crazy about the artwork, except for the demon horde.



The Score: We’re not at Part III, yet. We still have Lorne’s story to go.



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