harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Yowtch. An apology.

Okay, when you post your thoughts off the cuff to stuff you've read on the intertubz, it's probably only a matter of time before you end up being wrong.

When you're wrong, you should always just admit it rather than trying some round-about, tie yourselves in knots, ignore simple logic way of why what you said was wrong, but you weren't actually wrong....

So - I was wrong - and I owe an apology for a harsh post a few days ago, in which I belittled Allahpundit for suggesting that the Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate was planted by Obama supporters. Apparently, it was planted - at least if we take an Anonymous Blogger's post at face value. And, that's really all we can do, isn't it?

Now, this would be the point where I would begin to explain why I wasn't really wrong, even though I was wrong... but I'm not gonna do that, 'cause it's tacky.

So - even though Allahpundit doesn't know me from Adam and, I'm sure, has never heard of this livejournal account - I made statements about his post in public, so I'll apologize for calling him an ass due to that post in public.

"I am sorry that I belittled your speculations and admit that you were right and I was wrong, and I was the ass."

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