harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Wingnuttery is fun... until it becomes repetitive.

Orly Taitz
Philip J. Berg
"Ron Polarik"
Gary Kreep
Jerome Corsi
Michael Patrick Leahy

Birthers, all.

We're not laughing with you, Dears. We're definitely laughing at you... at least when we're not wondering how many more times you can repeat the same bogus, fact-free claims in public without being charged with defamation, anyway.

UPDATE: Oh, duh! Of course Taitz, et al, aren't pulling a fraud because they're die-never conservatives who are enslaved to Rush's version of the GOP... it's all of that Obama's fault, she's making a fool of herself and the Right in general!

How could I have not seen it sooner?

Belated exit question: Does anyone not think the Kenyan birth certificate was cooked up and leaked by Obama supporters, precisely because they knew Birthers would seize on it and make fools of themselves?

The answer is, "Yes, those of us not blindly partisan shills for the GOP do not think this was a brilliant plant by the President. And, Allahpundit is a giant ass."

Update (08/08/09) - See my August 8th post where I, damn it, have to apologize publically to Allahpundit.
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