harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Oh, Ms. Malkin - She'd be funny, if she wasn't so repugnant.

(Michelle Malkin on those unemployed parasites)


"If you put enough government cheese in front of people, they are just going to keep eating it and you're just kicking the can down the road. And just to hammer this point about the unemployment benefits extension again, it was Larry Katz, who's a chief labor economist for the Clinton labor department, who came out with a study -- and there are a lot of these smart economists who say this -- that if you keep extending these 'temporary' unemployment benefits you're just going to extend joblessness even more."

But, oops... Malkin's source, who she cited repeatedly, seems to think Malkin's wrong.

Because, we all know that folks on unemployment are there because they don't want the jobs that don't exist right now. They want that free government cheese... that wonderful, government cheese! Why work so you can, oh, not sleep on the streets or keep your utilities on, or buy steak once in a while when you can keep collecting a substandard cheesy-check from the government.

Thank god that Malkin is there to point out these truths to us - using sources who publically disagree with her. I mean, it's just SO obvious that the unemployed are what is causing unemployment! If we would just get them to stop collecting their benefits, by cutting them off, then - uh - apparently, jobs will just suddenly spring into existence? I'm sorry, are workers the creator of jobs - 'cause I totally did not know this.

I think I'll call on the underemployed honey to whip up a $250,000 job ... of course, maybe its only the folks who are collecting their unemployment benefit who have this magical power over the economy....

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