harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Insurance Companies....

... You Suck.

But, then, I suppose that isn't news:

Like so many of us who suffer a tragedy, Kecia called her insurance company, and was told that they would honor their promise and pay for her daughter's medical bills.  With a huge weight off her mind, Kecia began to prepare for the work of putting her family's life back together.

But unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending because what the insurance company said and what the insurance company did were two different things.  They delayed benefits saying Kecia's daughter had to see multiple doctors who had to recommend the same treatment before they would even pay the minimum benefits.  In the end, they stopped paying entirely.

Go get 'em, Representative Barb Byrum .

(As an aside, I have to give a shout out to Blue Cross, Blue Shield PPO - I've never had a problem with them taking care of all of my bills)

(As another aside, and then they're (CEOs of the Insurance Industry through their slimy-assed lobbyists) whine about the Personal Injury Lawyers... they wouldn't be needed so much if you'd play straight with your customers)

(Aside III: That doesn't mean I would want to be trapped in an elevator with a frickin' P.I.L. who are every bit as scummy as Lobbyists)

If you live in Michigan, support Representative Byrum's bill!
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