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Longest Solar Eclipse in Two Days....

For those not keeping track of space news, on Wed. the longest solar eclipse in the 21st Century will be occurring. According to the NASA news feed...

On July 22nd, Earth happens to be near its farthest point from the sun. A small sun means the Moon can cover it longer. At the same time, the Moon will be near its closest point to Earth. A large Moon covers the sun longer, lengthening the eclipse even more.

Alas, we here in North America won't be able to catch this cosmic show in person. It'll be up to our South Asian friends to catch this event for us. Thankfully, I'm sure there will be video posted all over the place so that we'll be able to see this unusually long blocking of the sun by the moon.

For live streams during the event, you can catch out one of the sites listed here:


Also, you should all know that this is yet another portent that the end times is among us:

“The probability for unrest or war to take place in years when a solar eclipse happens is 95 percent,” announced an article that attracted a lot of hits on the popular Chinese web portal Baidu.com.

Thankfully, some of us will be more prepared to step into the global castrophe that will surely befall mankind... like all of the other solar eclipses through human history have led to the world ending..., err... wait....

Well, nevermind. I have it on good authority that this time WILL definitely be the one to wipe out nearly all of humanity:


* World is coming to an end!
* Only the strong will survive
* It is a new start of humanity
* A new sociaty will be built and YOU will be an important part of it!
* After you sign up you will not only experience more happiness (before the armageddon), you will also find a inner understanding and be able to see the true meaning of life.

I hope it's going to involve zombies. I'm going to be really disappointed if there isn't any flesh-eating zombie action.


Or, possibly, Kaiju... I wouldn't mind if we were wiped out by a monster from space either:


Well, in case the world doesn't come to a screaming end, I guess I won't quit my job and seek out a lightly populated island quite yet.
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