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Just when you think you're humming along....

Things have been on the stressful side lately. For the 4th, we had Tom's ex-wife, her new boyfriend, her two kids, his son and Tom's daughter over - yee-hah!

The out of towners (all but Tom's daughter) were with us for a week and it was actually a good visit. The kids were behaved for the most part, we got to leave them behind when we went to Bay City for the fireworks and I like Russ (the new boyfriend).

But all hasn't been rosy. I don't know the whole story, but Tom's daughter got into a knock-down drag out with her mother about I don't even know - but she was banned from the house until she called a few days later and apologized. She was supposed to go to Bay City with us, but refused to.

Then, we were supposed to have a new front door (the storm door) replaced, but the guy that was going to help us put it on didn't. It's still sitting in the living room in the box (where its been for two weeks), but the guy down the street is supposed to come over today while I'm at work and help Tom out with it.

I also desperately needed a partial roof replacement, and THANK YOU LORD, I was able to get a small loan to cover it.

But - at work, the things I've been dreading since the economic meltdown has come to pass. The number one client of our department (my boss tells me their contract provided 70% of our budget) has cancelled the contract they just signed a few months ago. They're moving their equipment by mid-August to their local site to make their IT in-house... but rumor has it, it's really to give a job to the slacker-son of the honcho there.

This is devastating to our department, and my prospects for staying employed.

This could not be more horrifying if she'd come in and plunged a knife in me. Unless there is a miracle, I don't see how my position will last through Christmas - it's that bad (just take a look at our stock price, ANLY, on any financial site to see how on the edge the company as a whole is skating). I'm am just scared shitless about what the hell I'm going to do in the near future - Michigan's job prospects are NOT promising and I'm sitting here with no certifications and no degrees. I never needed 'em.

Of course, we have a MSCE working as an Operator, so that wouldn't help anyway. She's said that unless you have ten years experience along with the Cert, you can forget about it.

So - I'm in Hell. Anyone want to adopt two gay men in their 40's?  (He says with a weak and not so amused smile)

That's why I haven't been posting anything in the last few days - I've just been trying to absorb the shock and praying a lot - I'm trying to just give it to the Universe to work it out, but to say this is a stressful moment in time would be an understatement.

I'm still working on Spanderverse - sort of - I've got 5 chapters written and I know where I'm going - mostly.

There will be a Buffy and Angel review posted on Friday for Issue #5 of each. And, I might possibly get the WATCHERS review done on Saturday or Sunday for the first episode of S2.

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