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Wow... I did not know this... AND WTF?!

Who owns the sky, anyway? In most of the country, that is a question for philosophy class or bad poetry. In the West, lawyers parse it with straight faces and serious intent. The result, especially stark here in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, is a crazy quilt of rules and regulations — and an entire subculture of people like Mr. Bartels who have been using the rain nature provided but laws forbade.

Seriously, it was illegal to collect frickin' rainwater for your own use?! Who came up with that? No doubt a damned lawyer. And they have the gall (actually, I'm not sure they have the decency to feel gall) to wonder why they're hated and every joke ends with them dead and/or in Hell.

This whole article is just surreal.

Oh - I am really, really sorry to my LJ F-list people for filling up your screen with my blatherings... help, I've started posting and I can't stop!

I am may have been a bit harsh about the lawyers... but probably not.
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