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* Again * with the embarrassment.

Effective July 6, Monica Conyers will resign her seat on the Detroit City Council. The 44-year-old Conyers, the wife of Democratic congressman John Conyers, admitted Friday in federal court to taking cash from a Houston company in exchange for her vote on a $47 million sludge treatment contract.

I'm sure Detroit isn't the only city with corruption, but nevertheless, there is something really "let us kick the big D while it's down" about this whole thing. Detroit has serious problems and Monica - who's effing husband is a Congressman who's been around forever, doesn't have enough money to avoid taking pay-outs??!!

I never did like her (you really should hear some of her more colorful and ignorant rants - she is Detroit's very own Michelle Malkin) and am not sorry to see her ass out, but did she have to blacken an eye of an already bruised Detroit? I want to call her a lot of names, but I won't. I'll just say where are the criminal prosecutions, already?

Poor Detroit. Are they ever in the news for anything good, anymore?

Urrgh. And, it's made it onto the interwebz - you may all commence your laughing at us.

Naturally, this is too juicy, because of her husband position in Washington to not get the conservative pundits asking pointed questions about his role in all this - which should be asked and investigated, by the by. Alas, just as naturally they'll ignore any of the actual statements by the U.S. Attorney in order to smear a Democrat by jumping to conclusions regarding the 'obvious' corruption... cause you know, he is a Demo and ergo....

Just ignore the fact that corruption knows no party, ideology, religious persuasion, sexual preference, gender or age... it really is one of the most equal of human endeavors!

Thanks again you rotten b--..., no, no, I said I wasn't going to do the name-calling thing.
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