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Happy Thanksgiving

So, a Happy Holiday to everyone across the U.S. and its territories. I'll be spending mine working... blah. But, I do get paid double time, so hey.

I do plan on placing my Spanderverse stories here. Maybe tomorrow I'll enter AFTER 314 which will star Riley and is the beginning of the Spanderverse split from the Buffyverse. It takes place directly after BTVS: Restless.

And I also will be giving the first Buffy review sometime this weekend (or maybe Monday, my 'Saturday'). It will be... naturally enough I think... BTVS: Welcome to the Hellmouth scene by scene. For the future I will be reviewing Buffy, Angel, the Buffy Season 8 Comic, Angel: After the Fall comic, WaTchers: Virtual Series 'episodes' (which I really love) and my own mini-commentaries on my stories and what I was thinking when writing them. Plus general yapping about anything that crosses my mind, though mostly Buffy-centric stuff.


HMMM.... I just discovered communities which seems far better for story posting and review-y stuff. I'll have to create these which I will duly post here for anyone interested.
Tags: btvs, holiday, spanderverse

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