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The Honey, I, and TV

So, for me and the honey, sitting on the sofa and watching TV can be a hard slog - he's into those "my first home/property virgins" type shows... you know, where people have 40-kazillion dollars to spend on a new house and then they complain because they don't like the color of the master suite's closet walls and you just yell at them that they're fucking rich so can paint and SHUT UP YOU ASSHOLES!

Or, at least that's what I do, which is why I don't watch those shows with the significant other. Now me, I'm watching the 'Chiller' network and reading subtitles of asian horror movies - which he cannot stand. He doesn't do sub-titles... where I'll re-watch movies on DVD in French and Spanish as long as it had English subs, just 'cause.

But, there are two shows currently on that we can watch together, and so have made it a habit of snuggling up and watching...

Ghost Adventures: In which Zak, Nick and Aaron go to haunted sites and try to provoke ghosts to attack them.


Deadliest Catch: In which crab fisherman in Alaska go out and try to get themselves sunk in raging seas bringing home the seafood.

Ghost Adventures is what I'd probably do if I didn't have to have an actual paying job just cause I love to get the gooseflesh and the chill down the spine. Plus it doesn't hurt that Zak, Nick and Aaron seem like okay guys and, well, Zak has the muscles and Nick is way cute.

Over on 'Catch', these men really bust their asses in hideous conditions in 'the most dangerous job in America'. Is it even more dangerous than Bull Riding?

Which the honey will also sometimes watch with me... PBR Built Ford Tough Series.

So - my post for the day - recommendations to check out the Travel Channel (Ghost) and the Discovery Channel (Catch). As for the PBR, once in a while they're on NBC, but I usually catch 'em on Versus.

Yeah, I know, I really don't got a lot to post about right now....
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