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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season 10, Issue 30

Own It: It’s On You

Writer: Christos Gage, Art: Rebekah Isaacs, Colors: Dan Jackson, Letters: Richard Starkings & [Comicraft’s] Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Steve Morris

Blurb: Having stolen the Vampyr book to take control of the new rules of , the vengeance demon D’Hoffryn has plans to make himself invulnerable and take over the world - of course. This Big Bad is also leading a corps of vengeance demons that includes some familiar faces… Meanwhile, the Scoobies have reunited, and in miracle fashion Dawn and Xander were able to find their way home. Now, Buffy’s plan - with all the sideline assistance that she has been enlisting - is for one final fight: the Slayer and her friends vs. D’Hoffryn…

Page 01: We open in the moment after Faux-Anya has apparently turned Xander Harris into a pile of ashes. Everyone is still reeling in horrible shock and pain.

Buffy shouts up at ‘Anya’ over what she’s done.

D’Hoffryn points out to the Slayer that she’s isn’t really Anya. For she has surpassed her.
It was a good wrap-up for our characters and the season.Collapse )

29 August 2016 @ 09:05 pm

Kolchak The Night Stalker
Season 01, Season 03

They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be…

Writer: Rudolph Borchert, Dennis Clark
DIR: Allen Baron

Blurb: Kolchak battles unearthly enemies when deadly aliens who feed on human bone-marrow invade Chicago.

Scene 01: We open with Kolchak in the INS Newsroom, where he appears to be the only one working late in lighting which cannot get good on his eyes. He busy typing up a story as his voiceover tells us that he knew early that this story would be not only the most important of his career [which is really saying something], but the most important for the world.

He fought for the story, he tells us, harder than he had ever fought before because this one he knew was more just a “news story” - much more.

He goes on that he wanted people to know about it, so they could be prepared when it happens again. Always assuming you can be prepared for something… like… this….
Hated it.Collapse )


Scene 45: Perseus and our two dayplayers go into a dark entrance which leads down into another cavern system, which Medusa calls home and has decorated with more men who came to kill her, only to end up statuary.

As our men creep through the dungeon looking for their prey, all is silent but the guttering of torches in their sconces. From somewhere in the darkness comes the sound of a rattle, as we see the shadow of a tail flicking back and forth from torchlight.

We see against the wall, a shadow moving about….

Great! Wonderful! High score!Collapse )

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Scene 22: The following night/week/whenever, presumably another guy has met his doom because Andromeda is again summoned for a new riddle.

This time though, Perseus and Pegasus are ready to follow her into the depths of the swamps. Swamps that seems to be half a world away, judging by the distances being covered! [In fact, it looks briefly like they may have flown into the Everglades.]

In the dark, dank swamp, Andromeda leaves her gilded conveyance to meet with her ex-fiancé and we see what Zeus’ wrath has wrought upon Prince Calibos.

Never say that your daughter is more beautiful than a goddess while standing in her own temple. Okay, yeah that does seem obvs.Collapse )



Clash of the Titans

Starring: Harry Hamlin, Judi Bowker, Burgess Meredith, Maggie Smith, Laurence Olivier, Ray Harryhausen’s Menagerie
DIR: Desmond Davis

Blurb: [after our focus on Harry’s other outstanding work]; Olympian gods, mythological monsters and heroic mortals populate this imaginative spectacle. Harry Hamlin is Perseus, mortal son of Zeus and champion of captive Andromeda (Julie Bowker). From that storyline [um, is that descriptive a ‘storyline’ or just a… y’know… barebones sentence describing not one whit of plot?], Harryhausen unleashes sea creature Kraken, snake-haired Medusa, swamp denizen Calibos, flying horse Pegasus, two-headed dog Dioskilos, giant scorpions and all manner of eye-popping adventure. Let the clash begin!

My Blurb: Geez, far be it from me not to bow down to the master of stop motion puppeteering that left me in awe, grinning like a fool and totally believing in the reality of his creations, but we’re really not gonna get a single line about just what the story itself is concerning? No?

Nothing about Dame Maggie Smith? Laurence frickin’ Olivier? Nuthin’, huh.

Well. We know who really should’ve been listed first in the ‘Starring’ credits, then.

Also, there will be a lot of images in this one… Harryhausen… a lot of different creatures… how could I not screen cap ridiculously?

Scene 01: We open on soldiers marching in unified step along a rocky shoreline’d beach. The wind blows, but despite this, there is a light fog. Our phalanx carries among them a large box with an overall feeling of grimness.

There is a woman following along.

Cut to waves crashing on the beachhead and not a word is spoken.
Things are always complicated when gods and mortal men mix.Collapse )


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Hey everybody!

So, this weekend I’ve got some time off for a four day break, so the next movie review will get done. Kolchak: The Night Stalker Season 01, too… but now I’m getting into too much planning ahead, again.

[Yeah. I still managed to do less than I had hoped/planned/tried to... blurrgh  (08/31) ].

So… was this why I’m posting? Mostly. But I’m also going to post another “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” posting in our ‘Other’ category. And this slot belongs to “Monster on the Campus”…
Ugh. Our main players.Collapse )
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Good Morning!

Today's posting is another "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" post within the Buffyverse. But with Buffy being our focus last time out, today we'll spend some time with Angel and Faith.

Our issue is Season 02's Issue 03, with the return of Pearl lookin' for some payback for the death of Nash by somehow partnering with Corky Smallwood.

But she's not a focus character, because she's a bitca. No, our focus characters are: Angel, Faith, Kennedy & Nadira.
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19 August 2016 @ 10:11 am

Hey gang.

  Welcome back to another comic edition of "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" where once again, we'll be taking a look at our favorite characters in the Buffyverse. This time out we'll be judging our characters of BTVS, Season 10, Issue 03.

  I do have one caveat before we dig in: Dracula is a main player in this one, but I'm not going to list him as a focus character, because frankly he isn't and can never really be a protaganist. As much as this thingie with Xander is interesting and offbeat, he's still not somebody I'd ever trust as a "good guy", and I really try to leave the focus characters' slots for the people we want to root for. Dracula doesn't cut it, despite how humorous he can be when he's not being imperious and scary. Of course, he can still get a kudo or demerit like everyone else.

Oh, gang. And myself. How do we let ourselves be charmed by Dracula, of all vampires??Collapse )


Hey Gang!

And here we have our second posting: Best of / Worst of Character Moments in Angel & Faith. We’re looking at Season 2, Issue #02 this time around, as mentioned in the post a few minutes ago.

See, sometimes I’m still able to follow through on what I just said I’d do. And a quick ‘other news item’ - I’m working on the next review too, “Clash of the Titans” with Harry Hamlin and starring Harryhausen’s dynamite creations.

This issue, our main players will have to be: Faith, Angel, Nadira, & Kennedy.

Not so promising for our principals.Collapse )
08 August 2016 @ 12:31 am

Hello All.

I’ve got two posts tonight to share. Both are Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments and this first one will be for BTVS, Season 10, Issue 02.

Our second will be for Angel & Faith, Season 02, Issue 02.

Our current issue is all about fighting off Vicki and her shape shifting vampires who shouldn’t be, and welcoming Giles back to the Scooby Gang. And there are so many characters going on… AAHHH! Who’s a “main” and who is an extended cameo?!

Let’s see… um…

Our Main Players will be: Buffy, Giles, Xander, Dawn, Willow, Spike, & Andrew.

Everybody else is gonna be a ’cameo’.

Geez, Giles. You just got back. Already??Collapse )